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Oliver Sylvester-Bradley

interoperable, composable data

Updated Introduction

Murmurations is an open source decentralised data sharing project, which provides a flexible approach to ontology to accelerate the use of interoperable, composable data. The ultimate aim of Murmurations is to accelerate the use of interoperable, composable data – to put end users in charge of their own data and to increase the reliability, integrity, and portability of shared data. Building on existing semantic web standards, Murmurations provides an alternative… Read More »Updated Introduction

Using Murmurations

Murmurations features a range of open source tools to enable decentralised data sharing for Content Producers & Content Aggregators. Content Producers, such as: Bloggers Organisations Projects Networks Shops etc …can use Murmurations to share their content by creating a Murmurations profile: If a Content Producer is using WordPress they can create a Murmurations Profile in just a few clicks by installing the Murmurations Node Plugin. If a Content Producer has… Read More »Using Murmurations

Murmurations explained

The Murmurations Protocol, which we also just call Murmurations, is a standardised, open source set of rules and tools designed to enable decentralised collaboration at scale. Murmurations uses existing standards including JSON Schema,, RSS and JSON-LD to help people, projects and organisations discover each other and share data across platforms and between networks. The ultimate aim of Murmurations is to accelerate the global transition to the regenerative economy. This… Read More »Murmurations explained

Murmurations WordPress Aggregator mapping demo

This video demonstrates how the Murmurations protocol and the Murmurations WordPress Aggregator Plugin can be used to build maps from decentralised data. The demo focuses on how data from profiles which are hosted at their primary URL supersedes data from profiles hosted at third party URLs. This feature of Murmurations is especially powerful for map builders who want to create maps which do not go out of date – and… Read More »Murmurations WordPress Aggregator mapping demo

What can you build on the Murmurations protocol?

[NB We published an updated version of this post in June 2024] The Murmurations protocol is designed to enable decentralised data sharing. The most obvious examples of how it can be used are maps and directories but these are only the beginning. In this blog post we explore some of the other concepts which could be built on Murmurations. Local maps and directories drawing data from multiple sources One of… Read More »What can you build on the Murmurations protocol?

Murmurations Protocol Version 2 – update for data aggregators

In order to accommodate more features and improve various aspects of how Murmurations works we have developed an improved version (V2) of the Index and its API to allow aggregators to perform more sophisticated searches.  We are also making significant changes to the schemas and fields in the Murmurations Library, which will enable better forward compatibility of schemas and reuse of fields. All of this is still a work in… Read More »Murmurations Protocol Version 2 – update for data aggregators

Murmurations Profile Generator demo

The Murmurations Profile Generator (MPG) makes it easy to create profiles, which validate against one or more schemas, to create entries in the Murmurations Index, so that your data can be aggregated and presented on multiple maps and directories. This demo runs through creating and updating profiles using the MPG and uses the demo aggregator to show how profiles can be rendered and filtered. The demo aggregator is just that,… Read More »Murmurations Profile Generator demo

open source building blocks for mapping

The next few building blocks

Murmurations takes a modular approach to development. What we’re building needs to be simple and flexible so that others can benefit from it too. Now that we have the Profile Generator and Demo Aggregator up and running pulling in the initial schemas built from shared fields from the fields library, we’ve started to specify the next few building blocks we aim to develop. The objective of each of these components… Read More »The next few building blocks

Murmurations Protocol Version 1 is up and running.

As described in our Project Update from Oct 2020, Murmurations has been under extensive development in order to update the code and to provide an open protocol and simple REST API on which anyone can build. The Version 1 work is almost complete and you can now start to use and build on Murmurations. There are several new elements in V1 and, if you’re new to what we’re building it… Read More »Murmurations Protocol Version 1 is up and running.

Project update – Oct 2020

Murmurations is evolving. The first version 0.1 of Murmurations is up and running and several organisations have created Murmurations profiles to help test the concept. You can create your own profile and see it pop up on the demo map, in the demo directory and if you have RSS your posts will be added to an aggregated mix of news posts in the demo aggregator. But version 0.1 was only… Read More »Project update – Oct 2020