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Version 2.0 Demos

Jan 2023

We have built maps which show all of the data in the Murmurations Index.

The test-map has been set up to provide a space for developers to test and view submissions before submitting them to the production Index.

Once you have tested things out in our test environment and you are ready to put real data in Murmurations, use the production URLs to submit nodes to the main index and view them on the main demo map, below.

See the Docs for a full explanation of all the Test and Live environments.

To search data in the Index, use the Test Index Explorer and Live Index Explorer.

You can use the Index explorer to search Profile data stored in the Index

August 2022

We have a test Demo running, using the Murmurations WordPress Aggregator Plugin, which pulls from the TEST index.

Murmurations Test demo

Version 1.0 Demos

In February 2021 we released Version 1.0, of the Murmurations Protocol, with a new Index and API, schema and field library to enable anyone to build custom schemas.

Community Currency Map

The Community Currency Map demonstrates how Murmurations can be used to build a filterable map and directory of sector specific data. Community Currency projects share their data via a specific Murmurations schema which makes the data interoperable. The demo map and directory were built using the Murmurations WordPress Aggregator.

All Schemas Demo

This demo enables you to see all the data which is shared on the Murmurations protocol on a map or in a directory and to filter the by different schemas.

NB. Version 1.0 has now been deprecated, so the demos above will no longer be updated. If you want to add profiles to Murmurations, to the test or live Index, please use the Version 2.0 Demos above.

Version 0.1 Demos

When we launched V0.1 of Murmurations in June 2020 we built some demos to show what Murmurations can do. These still work and pull from the V0.1 index to show V0.1 profiles on the map, directory and content from these nodes in the aggregator. If you install the WordPress plugin or a Json file (for V0.1) on your site, your site will pop up in these three demos:

  1. The Murmurations Map
  2. The Murmurations Directory
  3. The Murmurations Feed Aggregator