Version 0.1

When we launched V0.1 of Murmurations in June 2020 we built some demos to show what Murmurations can do. These still work and pull from the V0.1 index to show V0.1 profiles on the map, directory and content from these nodes in the aggregator. If you install the WordPress plugin or a Json file (for V0.1) on your site, your site will pop up in these three demos:

  1. The Murmurations Map
  2. The Murmurations Directory
  3. The Murmurations Feed Aggregator

Version 1.0

In February 2021 we release an update, Version 1.0, of the Murmurations Protocol, with a new Index and API, schema and field library and a new way of building custom schemas.

We have launch a GitCoin bounty for an updated version of the demo which runs on V1.0 and will link to this from here when it is ready.