VIDEO – Introducing Murmurations

This session from The Open Co-op conference introduces the concept of protocols, and Murmurations as a method to coordinate the vast diversity within our decentralised movement. The video covers: The “too many platforms” problem… What are ‘protocols’? – and why they present a powerful solution How Murmurations works How to install the WordPress plugin How to create a Json file for any other kind of website How projects and communities… Read More »VIDEO – Introducing Murmurations

Plugin and architecture updates, and Murmurations at Open 2020

We’ve released a new version of the Murmurations node plugin, along with a slew of updates to the demo aggregator, and some updates to the index and schema as well! Here’s a summary: Add-on networks are live! It’s now possible to create an add-on schema file, submit it to the index, and have it appear in the node plugin interface. This is an ambitious and still quite alpha feature, but… Read More »Plugin and architecture updates, and Murmurations at Open 2020