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collaborative mapping

Collaborative mapping

The advantages of collaborative mapping Collaborative mapping provides a way to crowdsource Profile data to produce sophisticated maps and directories. Instead of relying on centralised datasets which quickly go out of date, Murmurations leverages the collective effort of multiple mappers to help you produce customisable maps and directories from decentralised, interoperable Profiles. Murmurations solves the problems of centralised maps and directories, managed by a single entity or person by: Below… Read More »Collaborative mapping

Wordpress Murmurations

Murmurations WordPress Plugins for open source mapping and data sharing

We have now launched an updated Murmurations Node Plugin which makes it simple for WordPress users to share multiple Profiles.  Why is this useful? Murmurations provides an open source protocol for sharing data in interoperable formats. So, by creating Profiles your data is added to a growing commons of open source data which anyone can use to build maps and directories. There are currently more than 30,000 nodes registered in… Read More »Murmurations WordPress Plugins for open source mapping and data sharing

synchronising data across platforms

Murmurations Demo video – Synchronising data across platforms

Have you ever built an online community or website but struggled to attract users? Have you ever built a map or directory but struggled to keep it up to date? Are you fed up with being forced to recreate your profile on every new site you join? Richard Bartlett, a co-founder of Loomio, says: “I spent a decade and a million bucks to conclude the only really critical gap in… Read More »Murmurations Demo video – Synchronising data across platforms

ecosystems mapping via murmurations

Ecosystems mapping via Murmurations

The Collaborative Technology Alliance exists to facilitate collaboration, coordination, and community among platform designers, developers, and stewards who are committed to building social technology that benefits both people and planet. Over the last few months The CTA has been running a Collaborathon, to award funding to projects which further their objectives – and one of the proposed projects is an ecosystem map of CTA Members. The plan for the project… Read More »Ecosystems mapping via Murmurations

Embedded maps

The main Murmurations map, which shows all of the nodes with geo coordinates in the index, is easy to filter in a number of different ways. The filtering options have corresponding URL parameters, which make it very easy to link to, and embed specific maps, in seconds. By changing the attributes in the URL to your preferences you can quickly and easily embed a pre-filtered Murmurations map on any website.… Read More »Embedded maps

decentralise mapping

Regenerative economy mapping

Murmurations, the regenerative economy decentralised mapping protocol, is gathering pace. We now have more entries in the Index and Transition Towns and the EcoRestoration Alliance are working on setting up APIs to add all of the nodes from their maps, so the data is getting more comprehensive. The team have built an excellent map-based Index explorer, which renders all of the 30,000 nodes in the Index with geo coordinates on… Read More »Regenerative economy mapping

interoperable, composable data

Updated Introduction

Murmurations is an open source decentralised data sharing project, which provides a flexible approach to ontology to accelerate the use of interoperable, composable data. We want to put end users in charge of their data and to increase the reliability, integrity, and portability of data. The ultimate aim of Murmurations is to accelerate the use of interoperable, composable data – to put end users in charge of their own data… Read More »Updated Introduction

Using Murmurations

Murmurations features a range of open source tools to enable decentralised data sharing for Content Producers & Content Aggregators. Content Producers, such as: Bloggers Organisations Projects Networks Shops etc …can use Murmurations to share their content by creating a Murmurations profile: If a Content Producer is using WordPress they can create a Murmurations Profile in just a few clicks by installing the Murmurations Node Plugin. If a Content Producer has… Read More »Using Murmurations

Murmurations explained

The Murmurations Protocol, which we also just call Murmurations, is a standardised, open source set of rules and tools designed to enable decentralised collaboration at scale. Murmurations uses existing standards including JSON Schema,, RSS and JSON-LD to help people, projects and organisations discover each other and share data across platforms and between networks. The ultimate aim of Murmurations is to accelerate the global transition to the regenerative economy. This… Read More »Murmurations explained

Murmurations WordPress Aggregator mapping demo

This video demonstrates how the Murmurations protocol and the Murmurations WordPress Aggregator Plugin can be used to build maps from decentralised data. The demo focuses on how data from profiles which are hosted at their primary URL supersedes data from profiles hosted at third party URLs. This feature of Murmurations is especially powerful for map builders who want to create maps which do not go out of date – and… Read More »Murmurations WordPress Aggregator mapping demo