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Ecosystems mapping via Murmurations

ecosystems mapping via murmurations

The Collaborative Technology Alliance exists to facilitate collaboration, coordination, and community among platform designers, developers, and stewards who are committed to building social technology that benefits both people and planet.

Over the last few months The CTA has been running a Collaborathon, to award funding to projects which further their objectives – and one of the proposed projects is an ecosystem map of CTA Members.

The plan for the project is to build a map which draws data from multiple sources, using Murmurations’ interoperable schemas, in order to make it possible to present the data in different ways and in different places.

In one of the planning calls, Tibet, from Hylo and the CTA explained Murmurations to others on the call – and the benefits Murmurations offers for these kinds of ecosystem mapping projects. We split out Tibet’s explanation in the short video below as it’s a great summary of some of the problems which Murmurations solves.