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Using Murmurations

Murmurations features a range of open source tools to enable decentralised data sharing for Content Producers & Content Aggregators.

Content Producers, such as:

  • Bloggers
  • Organisations
  • Projects
  • Networks
  • Shops
  • etc

…can use Murmurations to share their content by creating a Murmurations profile:

If a Content Producer is using WordPress they can create a Murmurations Profile in just a few clicks by installing the Murmurations Node Plugin.

If a Content Producer has a different type of website they can use the Murmurations Profile Generator to make and publish a Profile.

A record of each Profile is recorded to the Murmurations Index and can be easily updated, or deleted, if details change…

Content Aggregators, such as:

  • Networks
  • Directories
  • Maps
  • Sector / regional news sites
  • etc

…can use Murmurations to find and share Profiles with their users…

…by interacting with the Index directly, through the Murmurations API, to gather Profile data to use on their site/s…

…or, by using the Murmurations WordPress Aggregator Plugin to gather Profile data to present in Directories or on Maps on a WordPress website…

Advantages of the Murmurations approach:

Content Producers only need to manage one Profile to share their details and content with multiple maps, directories and other aggregators…

Content Aggregators can access a wide range of interoperable data, from multiple sources, which can be updated automatically as Profiles change, without the need to handle User accounts for each Profile.