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Regenerative economy mapping

decentralise mapping

Murmurations, the regenerative economy decentralised mapping protocol, is gathering pace.

We now have more entries in the Index and Transition Towns and the EcoRestoration Alliance are working on setting up APIs to add all of the nodes from their maps, so the data is getting more comprehensive.

The team have built an excellent map-based Index explorer, which renders all of the 30,000 nodes in the Index with geo coordinates on a highly filterable map. It’s already quite a useful resource for finding regenerative economy Orgs and projects.

The map is not a full ‘aggregator’ so doesn’t pull in all of the details contained in each profile, but does enable you to click through to find out more, and can be easily filtered in several different ways, to find highly specific data and to link to filtered searches – check out the demo video.

The Murmurations map can be highly filtetered.

If you’d like to add your Org to the map, check out the step by step instructions and video.

Please help spread the word and let us know if you have any questions, or are interested in submitting more data to the Index.