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Why Murmurations?


The problem.

People often want to map the organisations in their sectors. But maps and directories which rely on people adding data to centralised databases are always out of date – because organisations move, change their web address or other details, and forget to update the directory.

The problems with centralised maps and directories include:

    •    Large amounts of manual effort required to identify and enter the information

    •    Difficulties sharing data between similar or overlapping maps and directories

    •    Difficulties keeping data up to date

    •    Organisations are required to update data on multiple platforms

    •    Fragmented, incomplete and outdated data frequently disappoints searchers

Centralised maps and directories can never be updated often enough to keep them relevant. Until now….


The solution.

Rather than creating centralised data sets, The Murmurations protocol makes it easy for Organisations to host data about themselves on their own web sites.

The data is structured in a way that it can be automatically ‘crawled’ and aggregated, based on specific filterable criteria, so that directories and maps are automatically updated about an organisation from a single authoritative source. That source being the organisation itself!


Your project or organisations' profile can be updated on your own website. If you use WordPress there's a simple plugin.


A standard protocol enables multiple directories and maps to be created from the same underlying data architecture.


The protocol makes use of existing solutions and schemas for machine-readable data, including RSS, RDF, JSON-LD, and


As more organisations create their profiles the increasing body of data will reveal paterns and synergies which are currently hidden.


Simple sharing.

The Murmations protocol helps organisations share their content further and faster with less effort.

Instead of publishing multiple entries and posts on several different directories and platforms, The Murmurations protocol pushes an organisations’ profile and posts out to the wider internet automatically, making them easier to find.

When you create a Murmurations profile your latest content is automatically indexed, making it available to multiple aggregators, directories and maps without the need to create multiple listings and posts on other sites.

The Murmurations protocol places control back in the hands of the user – so publishers can manage their data on their own websites and relax in the knowledge that their updates are reflected elsewhere on the web.

Murmurations makes sharing simple again.

Create your Murmurations profile now