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Create a Murmurations profile – Join the flock

There are two ways to create a Murmurations profile:

  1. If you run WordPress – install the plugin by following the instructions below
  2. If you have any other kind of website – create your own .json file.

Install the WordPress plugin

Installing the plugin is really simple and should take about 2 minutes.

Steps to install:

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin as a zip file here
  2. Upload the plugin to your WordPress via:
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Visit the Murmurations settings at
  5. The plugin will capture as much info from your existing site as possible, but please fill in any blank fields:
    • Name: the name of your site
    • Tagline: the tagline of your site
    • Mission: the purpose or mission of your organisation
    • Organisation or project types: Add a few terms which describe your type of organisation e.g. “co-op” + “community” etc. This field auto-populates suggestions when you start typing 
    • Location: The location of your organisation. This can be a postcode or a city and country etc
    • Logo: If the plugin has not found your logo automatically browse to your media library and pick your logo.
    • Networks: Add any networks you are part of e.g. “co-tech” or “co-ops UK” or “Transition towns” etc – this enables greater filtering by aggregators
    • RSS feed URL: This should be auto-populated, but please add it if this field is blank. On most wordpress sites you feed URL is at
  6. Hit Save

That’s it – your site will now be added to the Murmurations Index and any Aggregators that are pulling data from the index.
To check it worked, please visit and refresh and you should see your organisation or project in the list 🙂 If your site does not appear please wait a minute, do another hard refresh (hold shift and hit refresh) and if it is still not in the list please let us know and we will check and fix any issues.