Murmurations Directory

The Digital Life Collective

Tech we trust for a world we want
Cooperation at scale
Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester, UK. M60 0AS (,)


Tools for Collective Intelligence
Developing technical tools (HyperKnowledge, IdeaLoom) to help diverse communities align vision and action.
social enterprise
Montréal, Québec, Canada (45.524555,-73.554895)

Signalise Co-op

Signalise is a platform co-operative providing sign language interpreters to services who need to communicate with Deaf people.
We are a multi-stakeholder co-operative run by Deaf people and interpreters, delivering a fair, ethical, co-owned sign language interpreter, translator and communication professional delivery service that empowers all users and workers of the Co-operative and increases the standards of the interpreting profession. We are using a platform to modernise, automate and add value to the service. By saving on running costs we can pay interpreters market rates, ensure standards of service, and profits can be reinvested into increasing standards within the profession.
54 St James Street, Liverpool, L1 0AB, UK (53.408371,-2.991573)


developing software for transitioning to the next economy
We do participatory action research by working with cooperative economic networks on operational software.

& Design

Visions and Visuals for the Commons
Catalyzing the spread of an ecological, generative, & commons-oriented economy with the magic of good graphics
Tallahassee, Florida (30.4380832,-84.2809332)

Commons Engine

Designing Commons-Oriented Economies
We provide design services, research, education, and technical support to organizations creating complementary currencies to meet universal human basics.
social enterprise, consultancy
California & Hawaii, U.S. (36.8347819,-119.7966953)

IN COMMON Collective

Identify, Promote, and Defend the Commons
To articulate citizen movements around a free, public and common distributed platform to map and act together to promote the commons.
Brussels / Internet (50.863968,4.375273)

NOVA Web Development

NOVA Web Development provides web page design and web application development at affordable rates for labor and community organizations, academic institutions, non-profits, and small business enterprises.
We are a democratically run, worker owned and operated cooperative focusing on developing free software tools for progressive organizations, committed to economic democracy and the educational growth of our members. Our young web professionals work side-by-side with experienced veterans learning state-of-the-art webcraft while providing solutions to problems facing our local community, pursuing a social justice mission, and striving to create the world we want to live in.
5041 7th Road South, #T1, Arlington, VA 22204, US (38.85072,-77.125348)

Kshanti - Les Gavatxes

Meditation, Art, and Creativity in the Catalan Pyrenees
Regenerative solutions, zen meditation, yoga, permaculture, organic farming, P2P networks, local currency, blockchain, alternative education, co-working, space to rest in nature.
Les Gavatxes, 17867 Beget, Alta Garrotxa, Girona, Catalunya, Spain (,)


House for sustainable project work(ers).
To enable people to act from purpose by sharing material resources in common.
Wurzen, Germany (51.36707,12.74076)

DAO Leadership

Leadership for DAOs, distributed governance, leadership training
Enabling people to collaborate effectively in cooperative and group settings.
community, consulting, social enterprise
Global (43.7283874,-79.34914879325001)


The Cooperative Cloud
CommonsCloud is a cooperative, collaborative and decentralised cloud that integrates different digital tools to work in an agile and efficient way. It is free software, respectful of privacy and produced by local cooperatives.
Multistakeholder Cooperative, co-op, IoT, community
Barcelona/Catalonia (41.3828939,2.1774322)

[Test] Cortes Community Currency Co-op

[Test] Asset-backed co-operative currency for Cortes Island
Creating an awesome currency for Cortes Island
co-op, network, community
Cortes Island, BC, Canada (50.12529685,-124.95408354720873)

Collective Intelligence Network

News, research, and ideas from the frontiers of human cooperation
Helping people make better decisions together
Vancouver, BC, Canada (49.2608724,-123.1139529)

Grow Woodlawn

We're sharing resources among Chicago's Woodlawn community gardens
To support Woodlawn greening and beautification in yards, community gardens, vacant lots, parks, schools, residential streets and business streets. Woodlawn is a neighborhood located on the south side of Chicago.
community, network
6457 S. Woodlawn, Chicago IL 60637 (41.7794786,-87.599493)


Alignment for wholeness
Gather cooperating forces in a whole system framework for enlightened influence across all sectors
Santa Barbara California USA (34.420870,-119.698340)

CoNetRes - Community Network Resource Mapping toolkit

The CoNetRes software it's a toolkit provides a big picture of the supply, support, and aid capacity and needs of a community, to support effective and efficient collaboration inside and between communities.
It is our undisguised intention to spread the bottom-up approach of problem-solving, provide an open-source toolkit to communities, and have more data collected to uncover real needs and induce real solutions.
Internet (47.532072,19.051050)

Test Statically Generated Node

Technology in service to life
Testing the Murmurations network
social enterprise
Vancouver, BC, Canada (50.0,-124.0)

Open Credit Network

People-powered money
The purpose of The Open Credit Network (OCN) is to build a Mutual Credit trading network for the UK that works for the benefit of its Members in providing a trusted, mutually-owned alternative to mainstream credit.
co-op, community, economy
London, England (51.5073219,-0.1276474)


Solving problems the open source way.
Sarapis was formed in 2010 for “charitable and educational purposes,” which it accomplishes “by providing consultations, trainings, and educational resources to nonprofit organizations to help them develop and deploy free/libre/open­source (“FLO”) technologies in order to operate more effectively.”
New York, New York, USA (40.7127281,-74.0060152)

The Open Co-op

open meets co-op
Building a world-wide community of individuals and organisations committed to the creation of a collaborative, sustainable economy.
LLP, Co-op, Social Enterprise, network
NW3 4LD, UK (51.54838066132972,-0.16899447943719229)

openmoney development

free money - as in free speech
ending poverty
social enterprise
Comox Valley, BC, Canada (125 w,49 n)

Bristol Pound

More than money
To experiment with money, payments and token systems to create a better economy
Bristol, UK (51.4538022,-2.5972985)

Bristol Pound

More than money
To experiment with money, payments and token systems to create a better economy
Bristol, UK (51.4538022,-2.5972985)


Building Open Source tools for Partnerism and Voluntarism
social enterprise
Washington, DC (39.90477,-77.01629)


Building Open Source tools for Partnerism and Voluntarism
social enterprise
Washington, DC (39.90477,-77.01629)