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Grow Woodlawn

We're sharing resources among Chicago's Woodlawn community gardens
To support Woodlawn greening and beautification in yards, community gardens, vacant lots, parks, schools, residential streets and business streets. Woodlawn is a neighborhood located on the south side of Chicago.
community, network
6457 S. Woodlawn, Chicago IL 60637 (41.7794786,-87.599493)


Alignment for wholeness
Gather cooperating forces in a whole system framework for enlightened influence across all sectors
Santa Barbara California USA (34.420870,-119.698340)

CoNetRes - Community Network Resource Mapping toolkit

The CoNetRes software it's a toolkit provides a big picture of the supply, support, and aid capacity and needs of a community, to support effective and efficient collaboration inside and between communities.
It is our undisguised intention to spread the bottom-up approach of problem-solving, provide an open-source toolkit to communities, and have more data collected to uncover real needs and induce real solutions.
Internet (47.532072,19.051050)

openmoney development

free money - as in free speech
ending poverty
social enterprise
Comox Valley, BC, Canada (125 w,49 n)

Test Statically Generated Node

Technology in service to life
Testing the Murmurations network
social enterprise
Vancouver, BC, Canada (50.0,-124.0)

Open Credit Network

People-powered money
The purpose of The Open Credit Network (OCN) is to build a Mutual Credit trading network for the UK that works for the benefit of its Members in providing a trusted, mutually-owned alternative to mainstream credit.
co-op, community, economy
London, England (51.5073219,-0.1276474)


Solving problems the open source way.
Sarapis was formed in 2010 for “charitable and educational purposes,” which it accomplishes “by providing consultations, trainings, and educational resources to nonprofit organizations to help them develop and deploy free/libre/open­source (“FLO”) technologies in order to operate more effectively.”
New York, New York, USA (40.7127281,-74.0060152)

Prospect Group

Legal and technical advisory services
this is another test
London W1J 6HE (51.4893335,-0.144055084527687)

The Open Co-op

open meets co-op
Building a world-wide community of individuals and organisations committed to the creation of a collaborative, sustainable economy.
LLP, Co-op, Social Enterprise, network
NW3 4LD, UK (51.54838066132972,-0.16899447943719229)

The London Network Of Progressive Hackers

Hacking the world together again
The London Network Of Progressive Hackers exists to support socially-aware tech people to meet others, work on awesome projects, and change the world.
co-op, network, alliance, school
London, UK (51.5073219,-0.1276474)

Tech Co-op of Leeds

We Make Fair Tech for People Before Profit
The mission of the Tech Co-op of Leeds is saving humanity, one tech project at a time.
ecovillage, co-op
Leeds (53.8,-1.5)

Inverness Ecovillage

Experiments in Sustainable Living, etc.
The mission of the Manchester Test Co-op is testing the Murmurations plugin
Inverness (57.47,-4.22)

Test Manchester Co-op

The mission of the Manchester Test Co-op is testing the Murmurations plugin
Manchester (53.48,-2.24)

United Diversity

Together We Have Everything
Empower people, build community, develop co-ops and create commons.
co-op, community
Bridport, Dorset, UK (50.733785,-2.7589005)


Mr marky Mark
We have a solid mmission
World (,)

test network

This is a test tagline
our mission is to test things
social enterprise
Redruth (50.233021,-5.226666) (test node)

Sparse Mutterings from an Emerging Planet
Blogging between the past and the future
social enterprise,network
Cortes Island, BC, Canada (50.12529685,-124.95408354720873)