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Plugin and architecture updates, and Murmurations at Open 2020

We’ve released a new version of the Murmurations node plugin, along with a slew of updates to the demo aggregator, and some updates to the index and schema as well! Here’s a summary:

  • Add-on networks are live! It’s now possible to create an add-on schema file, submit it to the index, and have it appear in the node plugin interface. This is an ambitious and still quite alpha feature, but it brings us a step closer to the goal of a highly extensible, interoperable network.
  • We have a live demo aggregator pulling feeds from the network, and allowing you to filter them by various fields.
  • The schema repo now includes an API spec that describes how nodes and aggregators talk to each other and the index. Still very basic, but a step forward in the documentation department.
  • The aggregator demo admin got a complete overhaul, including much better feedback when fetching nodes and feeds, so it’s easier to see what’s going on under the hood (without log files!).
  • We now have the (small and rather obvious) feature of notes about each field in the node plugin admin, pulled from the schema “comment” values.

To install the updated node plugin, grab the zip from here.

In other news, there was a lively session on Murmurations today as part of Open 2020 Online, including discussion of schemas, trust networks, various use cases (including for a map of community currencies), and more. The session also included a live demo of installing the node plugin on a brand new WordPress site.

Another Open 2020 session coming up tomorrow!