The Murmurations protocol is a new way to manage directories and maps.

Murmurations is an open source decentralised data sharing project, which provides a flexible approach to ontology to accelerate the use of interoperable, composable data. We want to put end users in charge of their data and to increase the reliability, integrity, and portability of data.

How it works

The Murmurations protocol combines three key elements.


A Murmurations profile is a .json file which describes a ‘node’ on the Murmurations network.

Anyone can make a profile to describe a person, a project, an organisation, or any other entity.

Profiles are hosted anywhere online and their URLs are submitted to the Murmurations Index.


The Index

The Murmurations Index keeps a record of all the profile URLs and timestamps of when they were last updated. 

When you update a profile you can resubmit its URL to update the index.

The Index is accessible to aggregators via an open API.



Aggregators query the index regularly for profile changes, enabling them to provide accurate and timely information in maps, directories and content aggregators, using the Murmurations WordPress aggregator plugin, or their own custom code.

Murmurations also enables other types of decentralised data sharing and content aggregation – read about what else you can build on Murmurations.

Support Murmurations

Murmurations is an unfunded volunteer-led project.

Please consider making a donation to support the development of better maps, directories and aggregators.

Donate in BTC to: 1BH3oRiRfhwPBgvTdUuG5cy1zP5ppMD8Wg

To donate in ETH please contact us.

Get in Touch

We are especially interested to hear from organisations within the solidarity / mutual aid / collaborative / cooperative economy who share our ambitions to reveal the synergies within our movement – and would be interested in collaboration.